Characteristics of PRO-JET FAN Series

PRO-JET FAN is designed on the basis of aerodynamics and fluid dynamics and manufactured by a state-of-the-art technology. PRO-JET FAN features a low power consumption, light weight and low noise design. PRO-JET FAN enables an inlet airflow to reach a long distance and enhances remarkably an air inducement effect. PRO-JET FAN is also easy to install in many applications.

1. High average outlet velocity and long throw
PRO-JET FAN shields airflow's swirl by means of stator, nozzle and impeller which are designed fluid-dynamically. Therefore, inlet airflow can reach to a long distance.

2. High static pressure owing to adoption of stator embedded in a fan case
PRO-JET FAN enables achievements of a high static pressure and a large volume flow rate. They will be able to apply design principles of single-stage axial tubo fan to PRO-JET FAN.

3. Low vibration by a high precise balancing of impeller
We minimized a vibration by means of applying PRO-JET FAN to both the design method of impeller core and a high precise balancing of impeller.

4. Thermal reliability secured for a long operation time
We did a lot of experiments in order to improve a thermal reliability of impeller, fan case and motor. We concluded that special models among PRO-JET FAN series can be utilized in high temperature condition.

5. Lowest noise in comparison with products with same capacity
The adoption of an ultra low noise silencer decreases PRO-JET FAN's operation noise. We also applied an optimal design concept to core parts of PRO-JET FAN in order to reduce noise.

Applications of PRO-JET FAN Series

PRO-JET FAN plays remarkable roles in meeting a lot of applications needed in ventilation improvement like parking areas, and is versatile to satisfy various customer's needs in quiet and comfort environments like a museum, concert hall, hotel lobby and other facilities.

A ductless PRO-JET FAN system enhances ventilation and energy efficiency of a confined area such as a parking area. We provide our customers with the best engineering solution through CFD simulation to ensure ventilation efficiency improvement between BEFORE and AFTER installing PRO-JET FAN.

In parking areas, there are air pollutants such as COx, NOx, SOx and microscopic particles. They are produced mainly by idling and driving cars. When human beings are exposed to these pollutants short or long term or periodically, those contaminants cause not only discomfort but also harm to human beings' health. Therefore, the installation of an efficient ventilation system is absolutely needed.

The conventional dilution method using a duct system has been mainly utilized as a ventilation system of parking lots. However, a duct system has the following demerits.

  • Bad appearance: heavy duct, increase of floor height and accumulation of dust
  • Low economics: low energy efficiency, low ventilation efficiency and high equipment cost

A ventilation system using PRO-JET FAN is a high-tech ductless ventilation system. PRO-JET FAN system complements above weak points and enhances remarkably ventilation efficiency.

PRO-JET FAN provides an optimal ventilation system with places where particles and hazardous gases are produced, such as parking area of apartments, department stores, condominiums and shopping malls.

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